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Norma LIVE is a solution developed by Softec Technologies Group. Softec Technologies is a global Dutch-based group of companies with offices in the Netherlands, Egypt, UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) and Morocco.


It has been active in providing groundbreaking technology solutions and digital transformation projects across emerging markets with more than 5,000 customers ranging from governments and Enterprise organizations to Small and Medium-sized Businesses.


In 2021, Softec Technologies set up Norma LIVE as an operational entity in the Netherlands in order to enable transportation companies across Europe to achieve more.


It combines AI and scientific algorithms to introduce an always-on real-time dynamic Automatic Planning Solution that complements third-party TMS and telematics systems to help logistics planners improve their planning methodology, tactical response to anomalies, and last-minute changes of the plan as well as predictive alerting on areas of improvements.

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Achieve more today and be ready for the future. 

Norma LIVE is an AI-based digital route planner combining scientific evolutionary computing with machine learning to help transportation, logistics, last mile and home delivery operations automate, optimize and streamline their processes. 

Norma LIVE helps its users to improve, achieve more,
save more and scale.


Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Route Planning & Optimization

Create the most efficient possible routes within minutes ​using Machine Learning & AI Solutions developed by logistics and AI experts at Norma LIVE

Strong Expertise Across Sectors

Transportation & logistics







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Simplify, Empower, Thrive 
Norma LIVE's 3-Phase Implementation Journey

At Norma LIVE, we believe in a journey of evolution. We're thrilled to introduce our unique 3-phase implementation strategy, a seamless approach to integrating our automated planning software into your workflow. From monitoring to collaboration, from co-piloting to full automation, each phase propels you towards a future where precision meets potential.

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