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Effortless Delivery Excellence

Optimize, Streamline, and Control your Deliveries 

Your All-in-One dynamic route planning & optimization, real-time monitoring, order management solution
and driver app for manufacturers, retailers, and e-commerce businesses.  


Precision in Delivery Planning


Operational Efficiency

and Cost Savings


Enhanced Customer Experience


Adaptability and Scalability  

Norma LIVE Delivery Management LP Visual

Norma LIVE: Your Intelligent Delivery Management Partner 

Norma LIVE DM is a comprehensive intelligent delivery management system optimizing the entire delivery process. It is designed to empowers manufacturers, retailers, and e-commerce businesses with on-time product availability and efficient home delivery fulfillment through dynamic route planning, real-time delivery tracking, efficient order and resource management, and equips drivers with a user-friendly app, ensuring peak efficiency throughout the process. 

Dynamic Planning and Optimization That You Can Trust
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Get accurate and efficient deliveries with dynamic route optimization. Our forward-thinking delivery management solution lets you plan routes that adapt to factors like traffic and delivery schedules. This not only streamlines operations and cuts fuel costs but also boosts customer satisfaction. Plus, you can easily make manual adjustments to meet specific business needs and ensuring a tailored and responsive delivery strategy.

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Make Informed Decisions with Advanced Analytics 

Leverage the power of machine learning and AI for accurate predictions of stop and driving times based on historical data, enhancing overall accuracy and reliability in planning. Access detailed analytics and reporting features, providing valuable insights into delivery performance, resource utilization, and areas for improvement.  

Norma LIVE Route Planning LP Visuals  (1

Live Monitoring, Happy Customers: Proactive Issue Resolution

Elevate customer satisfaction by consistently providing on-time deliveries, reducing wait times, and enhancing the overall shopping experience. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat buyers and brand advocates.


Empower your Drivers With the Tools They Need to Excel  


Master Delivery Dynamics with Norma LIVE 

Whitepaper - A Guide to Beat Logistics Challenges in the Age of AI 

Norma LIVE is Not Just a Solution for Today but a Partner for Tomorrow 

Norma LIVE Delivery Management LP Visual

Route Planning
with mixed modes


Route Optimization

Ask Norma LIVE


Real-time Visibility


Proactive Delay Anticipation

Seamless Integration


Auto dispatch with AI


Proof of Delivery


Customer Notifications


Actionable Reports


Personalized Notifications


Live Support

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See How Norma LIVE Leverage Machine Learning for Accurate Predictions of Delivery Status 

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