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Smarter Routes, Intelligent Optimization, Effortless Deliveries 

Norma LIVE - Your Dynamic Route Planner That Never Sleeps 

Stay Ahead of Logistics Challenges with Norma LIVE's Dynamic Planning  


Dynamic Planning



Planning Modes


AI-Driven Precision

& ML Integration

Norma LIVE – Your Always-On Smart Routing Companion 

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Norma LIVE is the always on dynamic route planning software that evolves in real-time with the ever-changing demands of logistics operations. With versatile planning modes, AI-driven precision, machine learning integration, and real-time adaptability, Norma LIVE transforms the planner's experience and exceeds the evolving needs of the logistics landscape, ensuring optimal routes and synchronization across logistics ecosystems. 

Norma LIVE is a strategic partner for your logistics operations, continuously working to ensure optimal routes, maximized efficiency, and an accurate dynamic route planning experience. 

Redefining Logistics Excellence with Dynamic Routing 

Take control of your logistics planning with dynamic routing, respond instantly to real-time changes, ensuring your routes are always optimized for maximum efficiency and speed. Empower your logistics strategies with swift adaptability 

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Turning Every Journey into a Road to Customer Delight  

By ensuring efficient and well-planned routes, you can guarantee timely deliveries or services, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. This approach not only enhances customer experience but also optimizes operational efficiency, ultimately benefiting your business. 


Next-Level Accuracy in Optimizing Logistics 

Plan with confidence, knowing you have the most reliable insights at your fingertips. By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, Norma LIVE Planner analyses historical data, identifies patterns, and adapts to changing variables in real-time. This means you can now rely on a system that continuously refines itself, ensuring that your future planning is not just accurate, but also adaptive to dynamic challenges.
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Simplify Your Planning with a Seamless Ecosystem Integration 


Seamlessly integrate your e-commerce platforms and TMSs with Norma LIVE Planner to harmonize the entire logistics ecosystem effortlessly. This streamlines operations and enhances synchronization between systems, orders, and route planning algorithms. 

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Adaptive Planning Modes for Every Scenario

Mitigate risks proactively with Norma LIVE Planner. Predict potential disruptions, receive proactive alerts, and implement timely measures, ensuring a resilient logistics operation and minimizing unforeseen challenges.  

Cut-Off Planning Mode

Experience the power of cut-off planning in strategic scheduling for seamless coordination of resources and improved transportation logistics management to achieve faster delivery times and elevated customer satisfaction levels.


Norma LIVE - Where Innovation Meets Logistics Optimization  

Whitepaper - Logistics Managers' Guide to Rapid Continuous Planning Transition 

Norma LIVE - Smarter Routes, Intelligent Optimization, Efficient Deliveries 


Dynamic Planning


Mixed Manual
and Automated Planning


& ML Integration Precision


Resource Scalability and Flexibility


Adaptive Route Planning for Varied Orders


Immediate and Same-Day Delivery Excellence


User-Centric Interface


Seamless Ecosystem Integration


Cost-Effective Resource Utilization


Confidence in Accuracy

See How Norma LIVE Redefining Logistics Dynamics with Intelligent Route Planning

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