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  • Yasser Allam

What Does a Logistics Planner Need to Know About Norma LIVE Route Planning Modes?

Route planning is the cornerstone of efficient logistics operations. It determines the sequence and route deliveries take, aiming to minimize travel time and distance. By carefully planning routes, logistics companies can optimize their fleet utilization, reduce fuel costs, and ensure timely deliveries. This translates to cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.  


Norma LIVE Planner is an always-on smart routing companion for the logistics sector, designed to streamline operations, optimize resources, and improve efficiency. From managing deliveries and routes to tracking deliveries on the fly, Norma LIVE Planner provides a comprehensive platform to help logistics planners stay on top of their tasks and meet customers' demands. With its advanced route planning modes and customizable options, Norma LIVE Planner is a solution for logistics companies looking to enhance their route planning processes in the most efficient way.  

Norma LIVE Planner Modes:  

The adaptive planning modes in Norma LIVE Planner cater to a wide range of scenarios, allowing the logistics planner to effectively plan and adjust routes according to the specific needs of each situation. With Norma LIVE Planner's versatile planning modes, logistics planners can confidently navigate any challenges that come their way.  


1. Cut-off Planning 

The process of determining the latest possible time for a shipment to meet a specific delivery deadline is known as the cut-off planning mode. Ensuring the timely delivery of goods and smooth logistics operations is crucial. By setting a cut-off time, logistics planners can plan and optimize their operations to meet customer demands and minimize delays.  

The Norma LIVE Planner cut-off planning mode allows for seamless resource coordination and improved transportation logistics management, resulting in faster delivery times and higher customer satisfaction levels.  


2. Auto-Pilot Mode 

The auto-pilot planning mode involves using automated systems and technology to plan and optimize logistics operations. Norma LIVE Planner auto-pilot mode allows for task automation, such as route planning and scheduling. By leveraging advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, auto-pilot planning mode can help streamline operations, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize errors in the logistics planning process. Auto-pilot mode is particularly useful for companies with high volumes of orders and complex supply chains, as it can help them manage their logistics operations more effectively and efficiently.  


3. Batch Planning Mode 

The Norma LIVE Planner Batch Planning Mode is a method of planning and organizing shipments into batches to optimize efficiency and reduce operations costs. This mode allows logistics managers to group similar shipments together based on factors such as destination, size, weight, or delivery time to create more efficient routes for transportation. By consolidating shipments into batches, logistics companies can minimize transportation costs, reduce delivery times, and improve overall logistics operations.  

4. Manual Planning 

In logistics, manual planning is the process of manually organizing and managing shipments and transportation routes without the use of automated software or systems. In manual planning, logistics planners rely on manually planning routes on the fly and get to take the wheel and customize their routes on the fly to tweak things in real-time for top-notch efficiency and cost savings in the logistics operations.  


Selecting the right mode for optimizing delivery operations is crucial for ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction in logistics management. Each mode, whether it be cut-off planning, auto-pilot mode, batch planning, or manual planning, offers unique benefits and advantages that can significantly impact the success of delivery operations. By choosing the appropriate mode based on factors such as delivery time windows, complexity of the supply chain, and operations costs, logistics planners can streamline operations, reduce errors, minimize delays, and ultimately improve overall logistics performance.  

The right route planning mode can help transportation and logistics companies meet customer demands, achieve faster delivery times, enhance resource utilization, and ultimately drive business growth. Therefore, careful consideration and selection of the optimal route planning mode are essential for optimizing delivery operations and ensuring long-term success in the logistics industry.  

Logistics planners can effectively strategize and adjust routes to suit specific needs thanks to Norma LIVE Planner's adaptive planning modes, tailored to meet a diverse array of logistical scenarios. With its versatile planning modes, logistics planners can confidently navigate any challenges they encounter. The cut-off planning mode enables the determination of the latest feasible shipment times, ensuring timely deliveries and smooth logistics operations. The auto-pilot mode harnesses automated systems and technology to streamline logistics operations, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. Batch planning mode optimizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness by grouping similar shipments to create more streamlined transportation routes. Finally, manual planning empowers logistics planners to customize routes in real-time, maximizing efficiency and cost savings. Norma LIVE Planner's array of planning modes provides comprehensive support for various logistical needs, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.   

Download the whitepaper “The Pros and Cons of Implementing Automatic Planning in Logistics” to find out several tips that help logistics planners achieve success in their daily logistics processes.  


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