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Anticipate Potential Delays, Safeguard On-time Deliveries 

Make Prompt Decisions to Elevate Customer Experience 

Empowering Planners with Proactive Alerts for Effortless Operations 

Proactive Risk Management

Enhanced Timely Decision-Making

Optimized Customer Satisfaction

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Real-Time Visibility for Informed Planning 

Norma LIVE Monitor seamlessly integrates with TMS and tracking systems, empowering logistics planners with real-time visibility into delivery operations. It offers proactive alerts, preventing potential delays from impacting operations and supporting timely decisions for elevated customer experience.  

Proactive Alerts, Zero Surprises 

Mitigate risks proactively with Norma LIVE Monitor. Predict potential disruptions, receive proactive alerts, and implement timely measures, ensuring a resilient logistics operation and minimizing unforeseen challenges.  

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Seamless Integration Without Compromise 

Effortlessly integrate Norma LIVE Monitor with your existing TMS, rather than adopting a comprehensive solution. Stay empowered with enhanced capabilities, real-time insights, and streamlined operations. 

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Reliable Deliveries, Delighted Customers  

Elevate customer satisfaction with Norma LIVE Monitor. Anticipate potential delays, ensure on-time deliveries, and provide a seamless logistics experience that delights customers and builds lasting loyalty.  

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Effortless Operation Tailored for Logistics Planners 

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Gain real-time visibility into every facet of the logistics operation. From monitoring shipments to tracking vehicle locations, the solution provides a comprehensive overview. This real-time insight allows planners to optimize routes, allocate resources efficiently, and make informed decisions effortlessly.  

Real-Time Empowerment: Norma LIVE - Where Informed Decision-Making Thrives!   

Whitepaper - The Pros and Cons of Implementing Automatic planning in Logistics

Anticipate, Adapt and Achieve with Norma LIVE Monitor 


Live Monitoring

Seamless API & Integration

Effortless Operation


Enhanced Timely Decision-Making

Precision in Delivery Timelines

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction


Proactive Risk Management

Operational Control

Proactive Disruption Management

Norma LIVE: Proactively Navigating Disruptions, Simplifying Planning  

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