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Norma Live is a solution developed by Softec Technologies Group. Softec Technologies is a global Dutch-based group of companies with offices in Amsterdam, Cairo, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


It has been active in providing groundbreaking technology solutions and digital transformation projects across emerging markets with more than 5,000 customers ranging from governments and Enterprise organizations to Small and Medium-sized Businesses. Softec is an award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner and Endeavor Entrepreneurship company. Projects delivered globally include technologies for emergency first response centers, command & control, fleet and delivery management, digitization of motor insurance management and AI-based digital transformation projects. Softec’s AI Center is an innovative scientific research department developing propriety algorithms, routing solutions, and machine learning capabilities for logistics, transportation and last-mile delivery companies.


In 2021, Softec Technologies setup Norma Live as an operational entity in the Netherlands in order to enable transportation companies across Europe to achieve more. It combines AI and scientific algorithms to introduce an always-on real-time dynamic Automatic Planning Solution that complements third-party TMS and telematics systems to help logistics planners improve their planning methodology, tactical response to anomalies, and last-minute changes of plan as well as predictive alerting on areas of improvements.


Reduce operation costs, increase delivery success rate and improve customer experience

Within zone or cross-zone hub pickup and home delivery operation.

Fast, reliable delivery to home from nearest branch.

Goods distribution to key accounts and supermarkets.

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The e-book provides comprehensive guidance for logistics managers, transportation planners, and anyone involved in the transportation and logistics industries.


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