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Next-Gen Logistics Intelligence
Predict Resource Requirements with Deep Learning for Both Short and Long-Term Precision

Make Smart Decisions to Optimize Your Internal and Sourced Resource Needs


Optimized Resource Planning


Enhanced Decision Making


Smarter Procurement

Simplify Resource Management with Norma LIVE Predictor

Norma LIVE Predictor

Norma LIVE Predictor connects with your data points such as Order Management Systems, Transport Management Systems, Telematics systems, ERP, Excel files, other structured and unstructured data points in order to accurately predict your short term, medium term and long-term resource needs based on the forecast of orders and customer demands. An experienced professional team of data scientists structures the solution to optimize to your operational requirements.  

Resource Optimization Made Easy with Machine Learning 

Resource Optimization Made Easy with Machine Learning 
Norma LIVE Route Planning LP Visuals  (1

Effortlessly optimize your resources with our Machine Learning-powered solution. By simplifying the complexities of resource management, we make optimization easy and efficient. Norma LIVE Predictor adapts seamlessly to dynamic data, ensuring optimal resource planning and utilization. Embrace the simplicity of Machine Learning for intuitive decision-making and transform your operations with ease. 

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Optimized planning based on order forecasts

Optimized Fleet and Driver Capacity Management 

Imagine a world where the automated planning engine already takes into account the order volume of predicted orders. This can be a huge efficiency gain. Routes can end up in areas where the probability of finding a suitable return freight is highest. 

Make full use of your potential with Norma LIVE by combining the Predictor with the Norma LIVE Planner.

Norma LIVE Route Planning LP Visuals  (1
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Norma LIVE Route Planning LP Visuals  (1

Surprise-Free Resource Planning  

Avoid last minute surprises due to customer demand fluctuations, improve the procurement planning for vehicles and optimize your sourcing or leasing process, adjust your contracts with third party logistics suppliers. Norma LIVE Predictor does not only predict based on historical data, but puts current operational setups into consideration and enables a smooth interactive engagement with Planners and Dispatchers in order to increase the accuracy of forecasts.  


Optimized Fleet and Driver Capacity Management 

Achieving Harmony through Seamless Integration 

Elevate customer satisfaction by consistently providing on-time deliveries, reducing wait times, and enhancing the overall shopping experience. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat buyers and brand advocates.

Achieving Harmony through Seamless Integration 
Achieving Harmony through Seamless Integration 

Master Delivery Dynamics with Norma LIVE 

Whitepaper - A Guide to Beat Logistics Challenges in the Age of AI 

Effortless Resource Management Tailored for Logistics Planners  


Order Forecasting

Seamless API & Integration

Effortless Operation


Enhanced Timely Decision-Making

Accurate Resource Planning

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction


Operational Control

Proactive Disruption Management

Proactive Risk Management

See How Norma LIVE Predictor Leverage Machine Learning to Make Resource Management Easy

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