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 Norma LIVE 3-Phase Implementation Journey

We're thrilled to introduce our unique 3-phase implementation strategy, a seamless approach to integrating our automated planning software into your workflow.

Welcome to Norma LIVE Seamless Planning Journey

At Norma LIVE, we recognize the challenges of automating planning. Traditional systems face integration issues, data quality problems, and resistance. But don't worry! We offer a groundbreaking solution. Each phase brings you closer to precision and efficiency. Your journey with Norma LIVE isn't just software integration; it's transformation. From monitoring to co-piloting and automation, each phase celebrates innovation. Embrace this journey with Norma LIVE; we're not just changing planning but revolutionizing logistics. Let's embark together on planning success.

Norma LIVE seamless planning journey

 Norma LIVE  3-Phase Implementation Journey


Monitoring Magic

Phase 1 - Monitoring Magic

Enter Norma LIVE's world like a gentle dawn. In phase one, it's your vigilant guardian, observing your plans without disruption. While your current plans continue, Norma LIVE monitors shipments closely. Expect timely alerts if deviations arise – a steady hand guiding you through unexpected twists.

Co-Piloting Collaboration

Co-Piloting Collaboration

Phase 2 - Co-Piloting Collaboration

Rise with the sun, enter the second phase of your journey with Norma LIVE. It's your planning co-pilot, making logistics easy with drag-and-drop precision. Create trips in clicks, guided by insightful suggestions. You're the planner, Norma LIVE is your co-pilot for efficient routes and optimal stops – a dynamic duo in planning excellence.


Automation Unleashed

Phase 3 - Automation Unleashed

At the day's zenith, welcome phase three: automation's peak. Norma LIVE takes center stage, orchestrating planning excellence. Pick shipments, vehicles, or locations, and let it lead. Efficiency dances with historical insights and real-time adjustments. As roads shift, Norma LIVE ensures a seamless transition, like a maestro directing an orchestra, maintaining operational harmony.

Feeling a bit lost on where to kick things off?

Just hit that button, share your details, and watch as one of our seasoned specialists reaches out to you in no time to dive into your project needs.

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