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Norma Live's Impact on Last-Mile Logistics

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

The worldwide last-mile delivery industry is predicted to expand to more than $200 billion USD by 2027, up from 108.1 billion USD in 2020. The rising volume of online orders is driving the rise of the last-mile delivery business, according to a Statista [1] report.

2020 created forth disruptions. Not only in our daily lives but also in the unexpected sense of greater significance that eCommerce has gained, has made last-mile issues for firms more intense than ever.

eCommerce Businesses need route optimization software like Norma Live to help them achieve more in an increasingly competitive and noisy market.

What is Norma Live?

Norma Live is a real-time dynamic live routing algorithm enabling you to put your entire express delivery operation on auto-pilot. It optimizes pickup & delivery operations of the last mile and significantly empowers same-day or immediate delivery services.

Norma Live comes with an integration visibility tool to provide a fully unified delivery management experience from zone/region to zone/region via a cross-dock, multi-hub network.

The Influence of Norma Live on Last-Mile Logistics:

Improve your route planning.

Every region has its own set of traffic laws. Certain routes and times of day may be prohibited for delivery vehicles.

Norma Live considers all of the data, combine it with traffic forecasts, and generates the most efficient route for each vehicle. Simply define the term "optimization" for yourself. Depending on your goals and business model, this could be a reduction in leased vehicles, a reduction in kilometers traveled, an increase in tones per mile, or a decrease in tones per mile. You can also choose to meet all delivery SLAs regardless of capacity.

Keep delivery dates

Norma Live will assist eCommerce businesses by generating the most efficient route plan that adheres to delivery deadlines and provides different delivery time frames based on location.

When your customer base grows, this becomes more complicated. All while keeping the capacity constraints of your single-type or mixed-type fleet in mind. Each vehicle can make one or more trips per day.

Determine the necessary number of vehicles

If statistics show that a higher proportion of last-mile delivery locations in one region have chosen same-day delivery while customers in other regions have not, Norma Live will issue an alert. This method ensures that an adequate number of vehicles are always available.

Norma Live will ensure that you plan with the least amount of capacity required to meet your operations' expectations.

Command and control

Because of Norma Live's predictive capabilities, your ongoing work orders will be tracked in real-time. Delays and irregularities will be identified, and deliveries will go missing. This intelligent command and control solution for your logistics operations will enable you to respond to and resolve issues as they arise.


To achieve a successful last-mile delivery strategy, an e-Commerce business must use an AI-route planner to help optimize routes, meet delivery deadlines, and assign the appropriate number of vehicles, which will save your business a lot of time, resources, and money.

Norma Live can be used independently, but it can also be quickly connected to your existing systems via APIs. All you have to do is pay for use; we handle cloud hosting, mapping and traffic data services, free updates, compatibility, support, and anything else you may require for a complete setup.

For more information, please request a one-on-one demo, and one of our experts will gladly call you back to discuss your specific needs.

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