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5 Reasons Why NORMA LIVE is the Best Route Optimization Software for You!

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Route Planning Software for Logistics Industry

Route planning is essential for ensuring on-time and cost-effective delivery. It is, nevertheless, difficult to create effective paths. As a result, companies of all sizes are implementing sophisticated route planning software.

Before we go into the mechanics of such software, let's define it and why it's important.

Businesses use route planning software to reduce the number of kilometers traveled to complete reliable deliveries, hence cutting fuel consumption costs and carbon impact.

About Norma live

Creating Norma live, an AI-based multi-stop live route planning software, engineers intended to create the best fast-moving, route optimization software in Europe. It is an intelligent route optimizer that allows you to use Artificial Intelligence to improve your daily delivery and collection routes while also ensuring compliance with time frames and business regulations at the lowest possible cost.

1. Daily fleet route and timetable optimization

Fleet route optimization refers to the process of identifying the most cost-effective route for a particular destination point while considering all intermediate stops. Although it may look simple and clear at first glance, it involves more than simply determining the quickest route on a map. Norma live combines route optimization and prediction to compute the best-optimized routes. It processes orders based on target optimization objectives, capacity limits, business rules, traffic regulations, and traffic predictions. The algorithm that processes the input and links to external data systems to gather information such as road network maps and traffic predictions to produce the best-case plan effectively and rapidly is at the heart of Norma live. It combines collections and deliveries, distributes resources to optimum routes, arranges for fleet capacity allocation, and does sophisticated analysis.

2. Boosting utilization and efficiency

Most of a fleet's operating expenditures are wasted on fuel. A route planning optimization program such as Norma live will assist you in covering less distance and so using less fuel. Better vehicle usage implies the use of fewer cars, which results in cheaper fuel expenditures. Norma live distributes the produced routes to the available vehicles and defers the unsuccessful plan owing to a lack of available resources for the next batch of orders. To fulfill schedule gaps, Norma live will assist you in improving vehicle utilization and a more balanced number of deliveries per driver.

3. Automation rather than manual planning

Manual route planning can be inefficient and time-consuming, especially when there are several routes to plan and schedule.

The ability to automate route planning enables the plan to be quickly adjusted to deal with unanticipated changes in the schedule, such as unexpected increases in order volume or unexpected changes in available resources. The primary benefits of automated route planning systems are that they save time and focus on a certain component, such as cost or service. Norma live is an intelligent route planning helper that will allow you to skip the headache of manual route planning by optimizing your daily journeys or dynamically re-routing in real-time.

4. Outstanding client service

Last-mile delivery automation can help you prevent delivery delays and poor customer feedback.

As customer orders are submitted over the integration layer and/or manually added through the control tower, an AI-based route optimization program, such as Norma live, supports you in designing the optimum routes for effective fleet management and on-time delivery.

The system is configured to automatically gather ready-to-dispatch orders from your clients based on their specified delivery time and submit them to the Norma live AI algorithm, which generates the best-case delivery plan based on the presently available resources (vehicles and couriers).

Norma live automatically transforms addresses to places, helping you to solve location problems fast.

5. Delivery time assurance

In logistics, delivery timings and customer service are linked since the ultimate consumer's experience is dependent on on-time delivery. Furthermore, having business or corporate expertise that can be translated into exceptional customer service is one of the keys to competitiveness today. To lower logistical costs and shipment delivery times, Norma live employs reliable analytics and data, as well as the ability to monitor shipping history and operations. You can direct Norma live to make the most of the available time and distance when visiting the delivery destination, and you won't have to worry about the driving time and distance returning to the depot.


Logistics companies may increase their profits by optimizing their delivery routes. Norma live will assist your logistics operations in optimizing daily fleet routes and schedules, maximizing utilization and efficiency, hassle-free manual planning, an exceptional client experience, and a delivery time guarantee.

The result of "asking Norma live" is a reduction in expenses per mile, an increase in order on-time delivery, and considerable cost savings on planning, considering varied fleets and the organization's whole capacity portfolio. It also meets client deadlines and delivery time frames for a better customer experience.

Norma live may be used alone, but it can also be readily integrated into your current systems using APIs.

For additional information on how Norma live may improve your logistics operations, please request a one-on-one live demo, and one of our specialists will gladly contact you back to discuss your specific needs. If you want to automate your last-mile delivery operations, contact us now!


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