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The Role of Technology in Changing Your eCommerce Company

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The last several years have seen e-commerce become an integral element of the worldwide retail infrastructure. In the wake of the internet and the continuous digitization of modern life, the retail scene has witnessed a remarkable transition, as have many other businesses.

The number of people using the internet and buying things online is growing at an astonishing rate. E-commerce sales topped $4.20 trillion in 2020 [1], with more than 2 billion customers making purchases online that year. [2]

The logistics industry is seeing tremendous technological advancements and any company that fails to keep up faces the threat of being left behind. The only way for businesses to maintain their competitive edge is to adopt cutting-edge technologies.

For proof that technology will improve your eCommerce supply chain, consider these three data points:

1.We have moved on from the "pen and paper" era of routing

When it comes to logistics, route planning is vital. For a long time, this was done manually, with a lot of estimation and guesswork involved. To counter this, technological advancements in route planning applications have allowed businesses to optimise the shipping routes with previously unimaginable precision. How customers place, track, and receive their orders has evolved thanks to advancements in eCommerce logistics technology. A company's routes used to be planned manually, taking into consideration factors like delivery window, traffic, and client location. This was a tedious procedure that frequently produced ineffective travel plans. Logistics planners in the modern day typically employ trip planning programs that optimises routes according to delivery timeframes and traffic conditions. With the use of this technology, businesses have been able to speed up shipping and provide greater support to their clientele. A company can reduce the amount of late or missing deliveries and keep customers happy by anticipating their needs and making adjustments to delivery schedules accordingly.

2. Processing orders is crucial for any company

Order processing is vital in today's digital age when online shopping has now become the standard for purchasing products and services. When dealing with larger or more complicated orders, the process of delivering things from the vendor to the client can be complicated and time-consuming. In this respect, basic logistics IT systems are is invaluable. Using route optimization software, delivery managers can ensure that their routes are efficient and that all stops are made in a timely manner. This might be especially useful for companies that are entering new markets.

3. Traceability capabilities

Before the adoption of computerized tracking systems, customers and businesses had to wait for hours, often days, to find out where their packages were.

By providing complete transparency, control towers can help you satisfy your customers and vendors alike. Shop owners may track orders' progress right from their own dashboards. Delivery status updates, package tracking, and visibility for the final-mile driver are all available in real-time, keeping recipients fully informed throughout the whole process.

Accurate updates that keep customers informed about the status of their final-mile orders build confidence in the business.


With digitalization, you can streamline your e-commerce operations by eliminating manual processes, enhancing your communication, and maximizing productivity.

In addition to boosting your company's competitiveness, expanding your client base and market reach are two other benefits. Therefore, if you want to better your company, think about becoming digital!

These days, you can use to produce itineraries that account for delays due to traffic, construction, and more. This implies that companies can provide faster and more efficient product delivery. Additionally, delivery management software will aid organizations in monitoring deliveries and guaranteeing timely deliveries.

Contact Norma Live now to learn more about how we can help you maintain order in your delivery operations, enhance the satisfaction of your customers, and guarantee timely deliveries.



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