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How to Handle Real-Time Courier Dispatch Problems

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

If we were living in a perfect world, package would be delivered on time without any delays. However, in some instances, shipments can be delayed and arrive with incorrect attributes, damages, or faults. This can happen daily.

These issues anger customers who are curious to know how and why it occurred and how soon they will get the package or receive their compensation. This brings us to the fact that the demand for efficient, faster, and trackable dispatch delivery is on the rise. This raise in demand has posed challenges in courier dispatch.

So, what are these challenges in the courier dispatch industry?

Logistics management incorporates different roles like seeking shorter routes, fuel cost control, and maximizing fleet properties.

Motor vehicle troubles.

Vehicles break down at some point. If this happens during shipment it causes unavoidable delays.

Lack of visibility.

Visibility in logistics ensures timely and safe shipment from one point to another. Without visibility, organizations may face interferences that can lead to damage, delays, or losing shipment.

Shortage of drivers

Shortage of courier agents or drivers increases delivery time, reduces efficiency, and causes a delay in responding to customers' queries. Most courier businesses do not have a plan for managing peak delivery periods.

The efficiency of a route planning software for courier dispatch.

Wrongly delivered packages, fuel costs, and driver downtime lead to losses for courier companies. Making use of the correct dispatch solution enables them to manage business workflows and processes.

Here is how route planning software for courier dispatch makes operations easier.

End to end visibility.

A route optimization software optimizes and updates delivery routes leading to faster delivery and easier communication.

Command & Control

Due to the predictive nature of the software, your working orders will be monitored constantly. Delays will be detected and as a result, missed deliveries will be detected. This AI-enhanced command & control solution for your logistics will help you solve your problems on the ground.

Flexibility as the fleet grows.

A route optimization software is intelligent and very effective. It mimics human planning, making accurate predictions. This allows logistics companies to focus on growing their businesses.

Improves communication with staff.

Miscommunication between courier dispatch managers and drivers on the ground negatively impacts delivery performance. Command & control software provides real-time information on route progress, customers, and deliveries. It helps drivers and logistics managers to check relevant and accurate information when needed.

In summary, courier dispatch has become a complex endeavour due to businesses expanding at a rapid pace. The demand for excellent customer service, same-day delivery, and instant notifications has been on the rise. This has led to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence by businesses in the attempt to grow in business.

Norma enables logistics companies to efficiently manage delivery operations on the ground. It gives real-time visibility in the dispatch of orders and packages. Generally, it ensures timely delivery and efficiency in operations.

Why NORMA is the right route optimization software for logistics & last mile delivery companies?

With an AI-based route optimization software like NORMA, which is developed by Softec Technologies, Logistics Companies can develop mastery of their delivery routes in a manner that improves profitability.

Using Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computing, two key disciplines of Artificial Intelligence, NORMA can help Logistics Companies to optimize logistics operations and achieve more in an increasingly competitive and noisy market. NORMA can be used standalone, but also quickly connected to your existing systems using APIs. Below are some facts of what Logistics companies can achieve with NORMA:

  • Reduces the number of used vehicles by up to 35%

  • Reduces the number of miles driven by up to 22%

  • Reduces the actual driving time by up to 18%

For more information on how NORMA can provide similar results to your logistics operations, feel free to request a one-to-one live demo, and one of our experts will be happy to call you back to discuss your requirements in detail.

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