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How to Pick the Ideal Route Planner for Your Logistics Company

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

The way businesses carry out delivery and logistics operations is changing as a result of modern route planning and optimization systems. A logistics company's ability to keep goods moving is crucial, thus effective route planning is crucial.

There's a high possibility that if you're looking to start using route planning software, you've rapidly gotten overwhelmed by the alternatives available. In this post, we'll go through the criteria you should take into account when selecting the ideal route planner for your logistics company:

Route planning software: what is it?

In order to save time and money, logistics organizations can plan their trucks' routes, deliveries, and transfers with the use of route planning software.

This system can take into consideration a variety of variables to reduce vehicle downtime and increase the efficiency of deliveries.

The effectiveness of your route planning software is crucial to the productivity and success of your logistics company, thus making this investment carefully is advised. You must respond to the following inquiries about your company when evaluating route planning solutions:

  • How many cars and trucks do you own?

  • Are your routes set in stone or are they constantly vulnerable to change?

  • Orders - Are your orders set in stone or constantly subject to modification?

  • Distance - Are trips short- or long-distance, or do they involve both?

  • Mileage - How many miles per week or month do your cars and drivers travel?

The Best Route Planners for Your Logistics Company: How to Choose One

1. Usability

When selecting route planning software, it's important to consider who will use it and how much training they would need.

Employees generally dislike change since, in their eyes, they already know how things work, and adapting to new software will take more work on their part. Therefore, it makes sense that they would dislike any changes including new software.

Because of this, choosing software that is user-friendly needs to be one of your top priorities when making this choice.

2. Inclusion

This is crucial because, without strong integration, you can end up having to modify or update your current system to make it compatible with the route planning software. Use route planning software that can be integrated into your current systems and used as a standalone solution.

3. Technology

When logistics organizations must deal with a big volume of goods and significant traffic congestion, choosing the best routes becomes even more challenging.

Thankfully, machine learning and artificial intelligence can be of use here.

You can increase logistics delivery, power up route optimization, lower costs, and satisfy customers by employing sophisticated algorithms that consider both historical and

real-time data to generate ideal routes.

4. Free trial

Always look for route optimization software that offers a free trial. You should receive free installation assistance from the provider. No amount of review reading can replace actual experience using the software.

5 - Expertise

The technique used for route planning is complicated, and getting your routes effectively optimized requires years of practice and experimentation. This cannot be expected from a business that has only recently been established. A new business might not be able to guarantee an ideal algorithm due to a lack of experience. Keep an eye out for providers with a successful track record in the route planning industry.


Selecting the best route planner for your company will not only save you time and money, but it will also improve other aspects of your operations. For instance, being able to accept more orders and deliver packages more rapidly will give you an advantage over rivals. Because of this, it's crucial to choose a system that will expand along with your business and has the functionality you require to enhance your company's operations.

At Norma Live, we are aware of what it takes to maintain the flow of your logistics operations. We can assist you in locating the ideal route-planning solution for you and your company as the leading providers of route optimization software in Europe. We take pride in the fact that we plan your route with you, not for you so that it is as effective as it can be.

Why NORMA LIVE is the best software for route optimization for you?

Your requirements for route optimization software are satisfied by Norma Live. Logistics organizations can master their delivery routes and increase revenue by using AI-based route optimization tools like NORMA LIVE.

Request a one-on-one live demo from one of our experts to learn more about how NORMA LIVE is the finest route planner for your company's logistics operations. An expert will be pleased to call you back to go over your needs in greater depth.


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