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Four Ways Norma Live Can Help logistics companies cut Fuel Costs

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

One of the biggest expenditures for a logistics provider's budget continues to be fuel costs. Cutting back on fuel usage is essential for staying under budget and for being competitive, regardless of whether you run a logistics business that depends on mileage to generate revenue or if you run a warehouse or another type of facility.

Companies of all sizes strive to reduce expenses and increase margins in the fiercely competitive market of today. But did you know there is a fix for the present fuel crisis? Continue reading to learn more about Norma and how it might reduce gasoline expenditures for Transportation companies.

Who is Norma Live?

Norma Live is a sophisticated navigational planning tool.

In order to optimize logistics distribution, provide cost-effective routes that can significantly lower fuel costs, and increase efficiency, transparency, and consistency of their logistics operations, Norma is using evolutionary computing and machine learning, two important branches of artificial intelligence.

1. Increased Productivity of Drivers

Driver inefficiency is a significant component in suppliers' high fuel costs. This can show up in a variety of ways, like driving excessively fast, making too many stops that are not essential, or choosing unfavorable routes.

By implementing an AI-based route planner like Norma Live, Transportation companies. may make their drivers more productive and save money on fuel because Norma Live considers weather, traffic, and other variables to determine the most effective route. This can assist drivers in avoiding traffic jams, making fewer stops, and using less fuel overall.

2. Boost Car Performance

Making ensuring that vehicles are running as effectively as possible is another approach to cutting fuel expenditures. This entails using the vehicles frequently and making sure they are not overburdened.

According to the quantity, capacity, location, and availability of the vehicles, Norma helps transportation companies make the most use of their fleet by minimizing trips and lowering fuel consumption.

3. Reduce Miles Travelled That Are Not Necessary

When motorists use inefficient routes or make unneeded stops, a lot of gasoline is wasted. By recommending the most effective route, Norma can assist reduce the number of lost miles.

In order to properly optimize every journey, Norma makes advantage of important business and traffic rules, traffic projections, and vehicle limits. One-click generates the most effective route plan. By doing so, you can save money and fuel while also extending the life of your vehicles.

By considering the customer's location and the resources that are available, it can, for instance, decide when it is ideal to deliver a package. This can guarantee that resources are utilized effectively and deliveries are fulfilled on schedule.

4. Reducing the number of vehicles in use

Reducing the number of automobiles on the road is another approach to save money on fuel. Consolidating shipments can do this. Norma can assist with this by offering details on the most effective method of cargo consolidation and the best vehicles to employ for each shipment.


These are but a few examples of how an AI-based route planner like Norma Live may reduce gasoline expenses for Transportation companies. by optimizing routes and delivery schedules.

Transportation companies can track shipments, organize logistical delivery, and interact in real time with the aid of Norma. By decreasing empty miles, increasing load factors, and speeding up deliveries, can also benefit 3PL providers. Consequently, utilizing an AI-based route planner can help your business save both time and money.

Check our website and read the complete account of how Norma Live is assisting transportation companies in lowering the fuel consumption and emissions of their fleets if you're interested in learning more about how AI technology can assist your company in reducing fuel expenditures.

Contact us today for more information on how AI technology can assist logistics managers in efficiently planning multiple routes.


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