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  • Nariman Raouf

4 Strategies to Tackle the Rising Demands in eCommerce with Norma LIVE

4 Strategies to Tackle the Rising Demands in eCommerce with Norma LIVE

eCommerce businesses are experiencing explosive growth, with customers demanding faster and on-time deliveries than ever before. This surge in demand puts pressure on e-commerce logistics managers to optimize their operations and ensure timely deliveries.  


Here's where Norma LIVE, an intelligent route planning software, steps in as it empowers you in this blog post with advanced strategies to tackle the rising demands in eCommerce and deliver exceptional customer experiences.  


1. Real-time Planning: Ditch the Cut-Offs 

One of the key features of Norma LIVE is its real-time route optimization capabilities. With the ability to track delivery vehicles and monitor traffic conditions, businesses can ensure that packages are delivered on time and in the most efficient manner possible. By dynamically adjusting routes based on traffic patterns and other factors, businesses can reduce delivery times, save on fuel costs, and improve overall customer satisfaction.  


This eliminates the need for cut-off times, allowing e-commerce logistics managers to accept and process orders throughout the day and ensure swift deliveries.  


2. Embrace Agility 

Norma LIVE, with its’ real-time data insights capabilities, optimizes routes for each delivery dynamically. This adaptability allows e-commerce logistics managers to capitalize on unforeseen opportunities, like traffic clearing up or a driver becoming available, make real-time adjustments without disrupting the entire plan, and deliver shipments on time.  


3. Multi-Stop Planning  

For eCommerce businesses with multiple delivery stops, Norma LIVE offers advanced multi-stop route planning capabilities. By optimizing routes to include multiple stops efficiently, e-commerce businesses can streamline their delivery operations and reduce overall costs. Whether it's delivering packages to different locations or coordinating multiple deliveries in a single trip, Norma LIVE helps e-commerce businesses maximize efficiency and productivity in their logistics operations.  



4. Dynamic Route Adjustments


Norma LIVE goes beyond simply planning routes. It integrates real-time traffic and weather data to anticipate potential disruptions. This allows the software to dynamically adjust routes to avoid congested areas, road closures, or adverse weather conditions, ensuring deliveries reach their destinations on time, every time.  





The eCommerce sector is evolving rapidly, and businesses need to adapt to meet the rising demands of customers. By adopting intelligent software like Norma LIVE, e-commerce businesses can optimize their delivery operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall customer experience. With features such as real-time route optimization, predictive analytics, and multi-stop route planning, Norma LIVE equips e-commerce logistics managers with the tools they need to thrive in the competitive eCommerce market.  


Download the whitepaper “Making Same-Day Delivery Achievable” to learn strategies for eCommerce companies to revisit their logistics options to achieve same-day delivery.  


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